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Effective since 1st August 2015 rent control is not being observed by a large portion of landlords, according to a new study. Implemented in Paris as a trial, there is little chance the regulation will spread to the Île-de-France region. The National Association of Consumers (CLCV) has found that 42% of properties advertised for rent […]

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Real estate professionals have been examining the impact rent control has had on the Paris real estate market since its implementation in early August. A significant drop in the number of properties above rent limits and a diminished interest in Paris by rental investors are among reported factors. As previously reported by Paris Property Group, […]

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With new rent control laws in effect in the capital since August 1st, Paris property owners contest the regulation while landlords in the North of France fight hard against similar legislation passing in Lille. While 8 out of 10 people in France approve of the rent caps according to a poll led by opinion and market […]

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One of the French government’s flagship laws has been censured on the grounds that parts of it may be anti-constitutional. The law would have altered key aspects of rental agreements, including short-term rentals.

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