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After two years of steady decline, the number of property transactions in Annecy is on the rise once again. With prices perched at high levels however, buyers are increasingly turning towards the new build sector. Prized for its famous lake and proximity to the Alps’ snowy slopes, Annecy’s real estate had nonetheless been almost deserted […]

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L’Express’ real estate special assesses the property sector of major French cities. Results diverge amongst those recuperating: while some have begun an uphill course towards recovery, others continue to struggle.

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In more good news for the real estate sector, sales of new-build properties have been soaring since the beginning of the year. The French real estate market, struggling since the 2008 crisis, is on the mend. An increase of 19.3% in sales of new property was recorded in the first quarter of 2015, with real […]

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I’m planning to sell my Paris apartment, which I bought in mid-2007. The deed of sale had a number of diagnostic reports attached. Which of these do I have to have redone, what paperwork do I need to supply and who pays for it all – me or the buyer?

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