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A contentious move by the City of Paris sees a list of legal rentals publicized online and Parisians reportedly encouraged to denounce each other. Unsurprisingly, officials face widespread condemnation for this controversial initiative while Airbnb launches a petition to prevent the government’s overzealous regulations damaging tourist rentals in the capital. In its latest attack against […]

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Voted in on 2nd July, the first instance of the “Multiloc” system was signed last Friday by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo. The new project aims to diversify rental offer in the capital, by financially aiding owners in putting their vacant property back on the market. On Friday 16th October, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, signed […]

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On 15th September, the City of Paris announced its plans to undertake major renovations on 14 of its museums, many of which are listed heritage sites. The City of Paris recently announced an investment plan to restore and modernize its 14 municipal museums. The project will cost 100 million euros, with the city providing 87 […]

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The City of Paris owns a substantial slice of the City of Light. Taking its lead from the French government, in 2013 City Hall listed and disclosed the extent of its real estate. It holds five million square meters of property – equivalent to around 17.4% of Paris’s total built real estate.

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