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Paris architecture - A brief history

Paris, France, is an unusually coherent architectural creature. Paris’ modern buildings have developed gradually out of earlier styles; palaces and mansions have survived by transforming into apartments and shops, and most streets harbor a range of buildings from various centuries. Our Paris guide traces

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Baron Haussmann and the Transformation of Paris • Paris Property Group

Bonjour! Baron Haussmann, the man responsible for the transformation of the capital city into the magnificent “City of Light” that we all know and love to visit.

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Bonjour! We could not resist a leisurely walk through the most beautiful sections of the “City of Light” to promenade down the world’s most elegant avenue: the Champs-Elysées. 

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  Bonjour! Let’s share a visit to a Parisian neighborhood, one particularly picturesque and charming. Far more than a just a district, this small village in the heart of the big city is an oasis of peace, that has kept its soul of long ago, and its bohemian spirit: Montmartre.

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Bonjour! Let’s take a stroll through central Paris. We will follow the Seine River as it winds it way through the capital city for more than 14 kilometers, and remember some of the most distinctive of the 33 bridges that cross it.

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Recently we had a chance to catch up with Penny Drue Baird, author and interior designer extraordinaire.  She enjoys working with clients on both sides of the Atlantic, with a particular love for Paris. We were glad to have a chance to sit down and speak with her. 

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One hundred years ago, a 19-year-old artist named Picasso settled into an atelier along the cobblestone streets of the 18th arrondissement in Paris.  Today, Picasso’s first Montmartre workshop has been converted into an apartment and is now on the market for €1,500,000.

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