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Number of sales listings in Paris has increased by almost 40% pre and post-quarantine

As of March 6, there were 5,814 real estate listings in the capital.  On June 16, however, there were 8,099: an increase of 39%. In certain arrondissements, this jump is even higher.


The number of properties for sale in Paris is skyrocketing, surpassing even pre-lockdown volumes. Hosman, a start-up specializing in real estate sales, has compared the number of homes for sale in the capital on March 6 and June 16, “based on listing prices from a representative sample between 06/03/2020 and 16/06/2020 from major real estate sites reserved for professionals.” In a previous study, Hosman already observed a strong recovery in the number of advertisements published between April and May for properties in the capital. Now, however, the number of listings is even higher than it was pre-lockdown.

Hosman was unable to obtain the same data for June 2019. But if seasonable variations within the real estate market are real, with a concentration of sales in the spring and early summer, this increase in listings could very well be a strong indicator.

All of Paris’s 20 arrondissements recorded an increase in the number of real estate listings, with marked differences between certain neighborhoods. Thus, in the 3rd, the number of listings increased by only 13%, while the 4th and 8th saw a 22% increase, the 6th recorded a 24% increase, and the 7th witnessed a 30% jump.

Greatest number of listings in the 15th

In some arrondissements, however, the number of listings has exploded. In the 10th arrondissement, for example, it rose by 56%, with the number of listings rising from 262 on March 6 to 408 on June 16. In the neighboring 9th arrondissement, it increased by 63% (250 listings in June compared to 153 at the beginning of March). And in the 11th arrondissement, it rose by a whopping 72%, from 310 ads to 532. The most impressive increase is still in Paris’s smallest arrondissement, the 2nd, where an 80% jump was recorded, with 71 homes for sale on March 6 and 128 for sale on June 16.

In terms of the sheer number of listings, Paris’s largest and most populated arrondissement, the 15th, has the most, with 841 properties for sale, 235 more than in March. The 16th follows closely behind with 831 properties for sale, an increase of 152 compared to March.



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