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Ten new Paris restaurant terraces perfect for summer 2018

What better way to spend summer in Paris than outside on a terrace enjoying a delicious, seasonal menu?  Thankfully Le Figaro’s lifestyle column, Sortir à Paris, has rounded up a list of ten new restaurants in Paris equipped with outdoor seating. If you, too, dream of a place in the sun, read on to discover the latest establishments giving the capital a little air of holiday relaxation.


Brasserie d’Aumont

With a somber elegance, this lovely enclosed patio within l’Hôtel de Crillon is like a sigh of relief: a bubble of tranquil luxury in the heart of the city, the secret weapon of this palace that reopened its doors in 2017 after undergoing major renovations.  In the kitchen, Justin Schmitt brings a breath of fresh air to his cuisine, skillfully mixing great classics from a vintage 1910 menu (tête de veau, sauce Orly) and seasonal dishes, with a predilection for seafood.

Brasserie d’Aumont at l’Hôtel de Crillon. 10, Place de la Concorde (8th). Tel. 01 44 71 15 15.  Open every day 12-3 PM, 7-10 PM. Card approx. €50-80


Le Bien Venu

This charming courtyard garden of l’Hôtel Bienvenue, invisible from the outside, is a well-kept secret. A small haven of peace, sunny and decorated with a colorful fresco floor, the space can hold only about 30 privileged guests.  Lucky diners are sure to enjoy the dinner plates of Florent Ciccoli (Jones, le Café du Coin) and Maori Murota (ex-Verre Volé-sur-Mer) such as marinated pork salad, beef tartar, steamed gyozas, or croque-monsieur.

Le Bien Venu at l’Hôtel Bienvenue. 23, rue Buffault (9th). Tel. 01 48 78 32 18. Card approx. €15-40



A sixteenth century institution, Le Zebra Square was reborn under the impetus of Alexandre Giesbert and Julien Ross, the hip duo already at work in the spectacular trattoria, Daroco (2nd). A “brasserie of spirit” open all day from breakfast onward, the space seats 50 on its leafy terrace, where classic French fare (tartare, lobster thermidor, peppered steak, trays of seafood) and very Parisian waiters play the leading roles in the production. Star bartender Nico de Soto marks his territory on the cocktail menu, as well.

Zebra. 3, place Clement-Ader (16th). Tel. 01 44 14 91 91. Open daily from 7 AM to 1 AM. Card approx. €40-60



Different place, same team: Giesbert and Ross, supported this time by Gilles Malafosse and Laurent de Gourcuff, inaugurated Perruche in mid-July on the 9th floor of Printemps du Goût, which promises to be the most popular rooftop of the summer. The space is 500 m2, with 130 outdoor seats available, featuring exotic plants, a unique 360° view, and a short and well-sourced menu: quail from the region of Dombes, “cochon noir” from Bigorre, steak from master butcher Hervé Sancho, black mullet ceviche, grilled octopus, razor clams, and trout from the Truite de Banka fish breeders.  As for the bar, cocktails are once again entrusted to none other than Nico de Soto.

Perruche. 2, rue du Havre (9th). Open daily from 9:30 AM to 2 AM. Card approx. €40-50


BB, le restaurant

This restaurant is the beautiful new surprise of the summer.  The creators of the very exclusive 16th-century sports club, Ken Club, have gone on to produce a sister establishment: another high-end sports club, built into the sublime Hôtel de Choudens, a gem of Art Nouveau architecture which has housed l’École des arts et techniques du théâtre since 1941. Blanche, as it is called, boasts a new restaurant, BB, open to non-members, with a superb flowery terrace seating 72. Chef Jean Imbert has designed a fresh summer menu: various salads (white, green, or red salads), Thai Saint-Pierre fish with coconut, blue lobster with spaghetti and durum wheat, and among the desserts, a very gourmet “Blanche melba”.

B.B. 21, rue Blanche (9th). Phone: 01 42 40 12 12 Only one service on the terrace at 7:30 PM, Card approx. €50-70


La Felicità

For their latest brainchild, located this time within the start-up facility Station F, it would be an understatement to say that the Big Mamma group is thinking big: La Felicità is 4500 m2, 1000 m2 of which is all terrace.  Guests can seat themselves at traditional tables or deckchairs to drink a spritz, a craft beer, or to devour one of their diverse specialties. Outside we find a wood-burning oven for Neapolitan pizza, and a barbecue eight meters long for grilling.  However, inside we also have pastas, burgers, garnished foccacia, pastries, and ice cream (most certainly a refreshing summer flavor).

Felicità. 5, parvis Alan-Turing (13th). Daily except Mon and Tue night.  No phone, no reservations accepted. Card approx. €10-30.


Bouillon Pigalle

For those nostalgic for classic, hearty dishes (radishes with butter, hard-boiled egg with mayo, and blood pudding with mashed potatoes), at (very) friendly prices, this traditional French “Bouillon” revisited with 2018 flair, is a must.  The restaurant brings a new sexiness to an arrondissement that had lost it, found once again in the light of the day, on the terrace, with panoramic views of Place Pigalle and its fountain. Given its 300 covers, it is best to target your arrival time (better toward the immediate start or end of service) to avoid an inevitable line out the door. Of course, however, once we are finally seated, we forget the wait completely.

Bouillon Pigalle. 22, boulevard de Clichy (18th). Tel. 01 42 59 69 31. No reservations. Card approx. €15-25.



La Concrete, a barge famous for its club open daily, has equipped itself with a restaurant boasting two terraces for the summer.  Feel free to head to the docks for an aperitif (olives and Kalios feta), where grilled meats are served on sunny days, or make your way to the water to enjoy the bistro-style cuisine of young chef Alexandre Marchon. The menu here changes according to the market, like flame-roasted Concarneau mackerel with pickled carrots and medjool dates or clams from the Bay of Biscay, with green asparagus, white miso butter, and pecorino.

Pansoul à la Concrete. 69 Port de la Rapée (12th). Tel. 06 99 16 76 65. Every evening except Monday, from noon to 2 AM on Sunday. Card approx. €40-50



There exist certain restaurants, that time and time again mark themselves as a prestigious address, a worthy establishment that stands the test of time.  This is the case with l’Apicius, an old residential mansion, one of the most beautiful in the Golden Triangle, recently taken over by Laurent de Gourcuff (Noctis) and Mathieu Pacaud (succeeding Chef Jean-Pierre Vigato). It has a beautiful interior garden, large enough to seat some 80 people amongst the flowers and birds.  The outdoor space serves as a chic and charming parenthesis, the backdrop to a high-end gourmet score (Parmentier of snails from Burgundy with wild garlic; blue lobster and wild pigeon from Bresse, with acidic nettle extraction), where desserts by Jérôme Chaucesse (ex-Crillon) prove to be the crescendo.

Apicius. 20, rue d’Artois (8th). Tel: 01 43 80 19 66. Daily except Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Menus at €180 and €250


Le jardin Bbar within la Cristal Room Baccarat

Here is a place steeped in history (the former mansion of Marie-Laure de Noailles) which, once again, reinvents itself while keeping its share of magic. Today, the Ludéric group (Ralph’s, Mini Palais, Ami Louis) has taken up the torch and, in the process, refitted a small intimate terrace, where guests can enjoy the cuisine of new chef Mathieu Méchéri (ex-Mini Palace).  The easygoing menu fluctuates between typical brasserie fare (quiche lorraine with a salad) and more sophisticated preparations (egg rolls filled with prawn tartare, roasted monkfish with Colonna bacon, stuffed concciglionnis with basil pesto).

Le jardin Bbar de la Cristal Room Baccarat. 11, place des États-Unis (16th). Tel. 01 40 22 11 10. Open every day except Sunday and Monday.  Weekly formule at €29. Plat du jour at €22. Card approx. €60-80


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