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Paris real estate prices continue their rise as the market hits an all-time high

Newly-released figures show continuous steady growth over the last few months, and impressive growth over the last 20 years.  Although market fluctuations in the last 10 years have created some uncertainty along the way, the value of real estate in Paris is as strong as ever.

Prices in Île-de-France are at an all-time high, with prices in Paris up an impressive 226.4% over the last 20 years. According to SeLoger and Meilleur Agents, real estate prices are up 1% compared to 2015, and more than 2% over the past 3 months alone. While the real estate market continues to show steady growth, transaction volumes have regained historic levels, comparable to those of 2012 and prior to the crisis in 2008, creating a fluid market, ideal for purchasing property.


Paris real estate price evolution 2001-2016 Paris real estate market fluidity


In Paris, arrondissements that have traditionally been considered to have the best living conditions – primarily the left bank neighborhoods in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 15th and 16th – have seen slower growth than the edgier, more modest neighborhoods in the eastern side of the city on the right bank. The 18th and 20th arrondissements have flourished, attracting a younger and wealthier population than ever before. Market growth in these neighborhoods has outperformed the citywide growth by 60% to 90% over the last 15 years.


Real estate price growth 2016



The market setbacks in recent years slowed the French capital’s real estate market, but renewed market confidence, boosted by growing population, lower unemployment, low interest rates, favorable exchange rates and improving economics, have resulted in prices continuing to rise everywhere in the city as the market regains its full vigor.  



Improving economics help boost the Paris real estate market


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