Chateau Arc en Barrois
Five suites remain in this shared-ownership chateau: Ranging in price from €35,000 to €275,000
€ 35,000

Ever wanted to live in a French chateau, minus all the maintenance and costs?  This chateau, located between Paris and Dijon, is owned by a group of owners who have divided it up and use it communally. Some owners have added kitchenettes to their units. Others use the chateau kitchen or go out to the village which is just outside the gates. Golf is also nearby.

Paris is 3h 45 mins by car, and Dijon is just over an hour away.

Unit 3
Nickname: The Honeymoon Suite
Four poster Double Bed, Bathroom, Sitting Nook, Ground Floor overlooking the 11th C Church, ample storage.  €95,000

Unit 114 (SOLD) /116

Double unit, Large Double Bedroom, Two baths, Kitchenette, Decorative Fireplace, Dining Area, Sitting Area, Five French windows overlooking park, golf course, and the Aujon River, Exposed Burgundy stonework and oak floors, Original 19th c window fittings, Sunniest and quietest apartment in the Chateau. Apartment 116 – €149,000 – The tower room, two apartments combined, offers a unique view of the park beyond the golf area, the river, and the village. Experience a breathtaking sunset. Totally renovated kitchenette, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, etc.

Unit 307

Double Bed, Bath, Third floor, Park view, Sunny exposure, Exposed beams.  – €35,000 – A charming peaceful room on the 3rd floor, with beautiful lighting, and loft, integrated bathroom and toilet.

Unit 308

Third Floor with Mezzanine Double Bedroom, Cathedral view, Forest, and Town view, Large Bath and Lounge at entry level, Exposed beams. – €95,000 – Fantastic two-story room on the 3rd floor, ready to move into, bedroom on the top floor and a cozy living room downstairs, as well as a large bright bathroom.

Unit 312

Third Floor with Large Mezzanine Bathroom, Double Bedroom, Cathedral, Town, and Forest view, Exposed beams.  – €35,000 – Striking and spacious two level room with church and village views.

The Chateau provides an industrial kitchen with walk in refrigerators in the basement directly below the pantry kitchen on the first floor which opens on to the outdoor terrace which adjoins the Aujon River and overlooks the municipal golf course.

All owners have equal access to kitchen and storage facilities, and of course to the dining and lounge areas in the two large banquet halls.

Wifi is available throughout the building and in all units.

Certain owners have added kitchenette facilities into their units as has been done to 114/116.

Most owners enjoy communal dining, or the local restaurants during their stays.

Maintence fees of €225 / per month apply, and cover all expenses, utilities, insurance, taxes, staff, maintenance, etc. At each annual meeting a board is elected and budget approved.


The estate was owned in 1622 by the Duke of Vitry; it was bought in 1679 from his son by Count Morstein who ceded it in 1693 to Louis Alexandre, Count of Toulouse, whose son Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, Duke of Penthièvre, inherited the estate. The previous chateau was destroyed during the revolution.

After the Revolution, in 1814 the estate was restored to the Duke of Penthièvre’s daughter, Marie-Adélaïde de Bourbon, who in 1769 had married Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orléans. Their daughter Princess Adélaïde of Orléans inherited the estate and built the present château on the site of the old castle. In her will she left it to her godson, François d’Orléans, Prince of Joinville. During World War I the château became the Hôpital Temporaire d’Arc-en-Barrois, an emergency evacuation hospital for injured soldiers from the French 3rd Army Corps.


The present château was built around 1845. The fabric of the main building and the grand staircase date from the time when Nicolas de L’Hospital owned the castle in the seventeenth century, but the house underwent major changes in the 1840s when it was rebuilt by Adelaide of Orleans. The front part of the house and the English-style landscape garden belong to this period.




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