What to consider when buying an apartment in Paris

The Parisian lifestyle is one everyone dreams of having. Within one city, you have your pick of restaurants, events, shops, historic sites, and cultural performances; it is impossible to be bored in this city. Paris is also a centrally located place from which to visit other parts of Europe.

If you decide Paris is for you, you’ll need a strong estate agent to help navigate the market, weigh the options for various neighborhoods, and evaluate the investment potential of each property. With some expert advice you’ll have a property that gives years of enjoyment, and appreciates over time. You’ll build memories, and make friends that last a lifetime.

Why Is Paris The Right Place For An Apartment?

There isn’t a person around that doesn’t love a city break to Paris.  With an apartment in Paris, you will have a home in one of the top destinations in the world where you and your loved ones can enjoy your free time together. It opens up doors to visit other countries that you haven’t visited before, as well as building up your real estate portfolio and diversifying your assets.

Top Travel Destination In The World

France is the number one travel destination in the country. In 2020, France saw 117 million international visitors, a decline due to the pandemic but a strong signifier that France is a firm favorite to visit. The reasons why France remains a worldwide favorite are endless, including the colorful history, world-renowned UNESCO sites, and unique cuisine.

France has something for everyone, but there is a difference between visiting and living there. When you spend your life in France, you are no longer the average tourist. You are a vital part of this historic country. You contribute to the economy, embrace their culture and history, and become a part of their rich tapestry.

Diversify Your Holdings

Ile-de-France is the most populated region in France with more than 12 million people living in the region. Apartments in this region, particularly in Paris, are highly sought after, meaning that a Parisian property on your real estate portfolio will make an impact.

A Parisian apartment is the bricks and mortar equivalent of the gold standard. There is a worldwide market for Parisian real estate which results in a long term trend for price appreciation. The key to an excellent real estate investment is getting expert advice to ensure you don’t make a misstep. There are significant language, cultural, legal and market structure challenges in the Paris real estate market that make it imperative to have a trusted advisor representing your interests and connecting you with the right resources.

Whether you decide to go for an up-and-coming neighborhood with the potential for big appreciation, or a perennial favorite central arrondissement with the potential for rental income, you’ll be making an investment that provides years of enjoyment and diversifies your portfolio.

Fun For All Friends And Family

An apartment in Paris is not only going to benefit you, but it will also enrich the lives of your friends and family, boost their mental health, and allow them to return to daily life with a spring in their step.

Your estate agent can help you select an apartment in a safe area that will accommodate as many people as you like so everyone can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Paris is considered a safe city, and the more traditional and in-demand older architecture is considered a solid, secure investment. All or nearly all of the properties in Paris have an apartment building entry system as a part of their security system.

Photo by Noémie Roussel on Unsplash

Quality Location

Paris is at the heart of Europe with close connections to Spain, England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium. These are just the countries that border France; beyond them are dozens more that are only a quick train, short flight, or drive away. An apartment in Paris is a great launching pad to adventures in the world beyond.

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