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Here what our clients have to say about us:

«We are thrilled with the service that we received from Paris Property.  In fact, service seems too sterile — because we felt the care that went into our search.  I don’t have any suggestions for improvement and I understand that each transaction is very different.  Emma was perfect for our search.  She quickly became «a friend looking for our Paris apartment.
We are also extremely grateful for the continued support and guidance through the process, closing, utility transition and now renovation.  We could not have asked for a better or more comforting process.»
— Kimberly and Kyle, Seattle USA
«We had a great experience. Emma was wonderful and patient. It was great to have a curated sample organised by yourselves for us to see and to compare against before making our decision . It was so useful to have Emma translate for us and for PPG to introduce us to reliable people, such as the notaire and banker, so that we could get our French bank account and home insurance sorted far-away from London . The process of apartment viewing was seamless and organised. 
A big thanks to Emma for being accommodating and allowing access for our architects to the apartment before the final signing, so we could get the ball rolling for the refurbishment.   Also, Thanks so much for the support and the information that you ( Kathryn) gave us before the process started. It was really useful and informative.»
– Geraldine and Trevor,  London, UK
«Jennifer has bee absolutely amazing, which I’m sure you already know, we are very pleased.  Thank you both for such a wonderful experience purchasing our Paris apartment.»
– Darlyne and Michael,  California
«Please know how very grateful I am for all the handholding , assistance, advice and referrals you have provided this past year. Without your help and guidance, I know I would never have been able to realize my dream of having an apartment in Paris.»  
— Chris, California

«We are unreservedly happy to endorse Paris Property Group!

The service provided by PPG was at all times friendly, professional, generous and faultless.

So much so that it seemed that we were in the hands of trusted long-time friends, rather than simply in a commercial relationship.  No request went unaddressed. We felt completely supported and in the hands of a seamless team.

We really cannot suggest any improvement. When we are asked about our apartment purchase, we sing your praises. Your ears have probably been burning.»

—  Rodney and Rob,  Australia


«We valued the advice and reassurance provided by the team at Paris Property Group from start to finish of the search and buying process. It is one thing to dream about buying a property in Paris – realizing that dream is another thing entirely.

Although the French property market is well regulated, the fact is that for a foreigner, it would be extremely difficult to navigate without an insider who is on your team. We made contact with Kathryn by email and phone from Melbourne, having found Paris Property Group online and reference checked the company with contacts in Paris. Kathryn quickly understood the parameters of our search, tested our assumptions about location and price, and introduced us to the delightful Emma, the agent who guided us on our apartment search. We gave Kathryn and Emma almost no time to get cracking – within a fortnight we were in Paris, looking at as many apartments as we could. Emma provided us with regular spreadsheets of candidate apartments that matched our search criteria, arranged all the appointments and follow-up appointments, and came to the inspections with us.

In less than a week, we really felt we understood the relationship between location, size, condition and price. We ended up buying the third apartment that Emma showed us – a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment needing some work, but not too much work, in our fantasy location in the Marais. We were grateful for Emma’s help in working out how much to offer, and then putting the offer and dealing with the vendor’s agent. It was terrifically exciting to get the news that our offer had been accepted.

Finding and agreeing the price for a property is, of course, not the end of the process. There were then weeks of dealing with notaries, mortgage brokers, banks and insurance companies, as well as the architects and builders who will renovate our apartment. Throughout that process, too, Kathryn and Emma were great sources of advice and referrals. This team knows their stuff – how to take care of all the little things that a foreigner would find perplexing and frustrating, from arranging the final walk-through to changing over the gas and electricity accounts and connecting the telephone and internet.

When we think back on the entire process – which was actually pretty quick, less than 6 months from first contact to having the keys to our very own Paris apartment – what we remember most are the fun times of going from apartment to apartment, laughing about the bad ones and debating the merits of the good ones; the excitement of finding “the one”; and the sense of confidence that came from knowing we were in safe hands.» 

—  Matt C. and Leonard V.,  Australia



PPG not only makes finding and buying an apartment in Paris easy, but they also have an incredible network of people there, from lawyers to architects and contractors to mortgage specialists at various banks, who all work in concert to make the experience as smooth and comfortable as it can be. Most importantly, they and all of their contacts speak English, and buying through PPG not only gets you an apartment, it makes you feel part of a wider family. Emma was a wonderful guide around Paris as we looked at apartments over the course of a few weeks, and she really got a good feel for who I was and what I was really looking for. There was no way I could have navigated this on my own, and the fee that PPG charges is worth every euro. Thank you!

Tim Levin, Founder 
Bespoke Education, Inc.
«Our experience with Paris Property Group was excellent. From the very first email and phone calls to the actual visit to Paris to find an apartment to buy, Kathryn and Jennifer were extremely attentive and responsive and helped us every step of the way.  They made sure we understood how everything worked and were very patient with us when we had questions or uncertainties.  Jennifer went out of her way to assist us not only in finding the right apartment, but also in working our way around all the paperwork, the financial issues and the setting up even after we bought the property.  We would highly recommend Paris Property Group and are extremely grateful for all their hard work, dedication and assistance in this process.» 
— Dana and Alex, Australia
«I decided in just two visits to Paris that it was my happy place.  I could be ridiculously content just sitting in an apartment looking out the window.  It was nothing for me to walk seven miles a day taking in the sights.  The idea struck me that I should have an apartment in my happy place.  I knew I would need help.  I did not have the time to make multiple trips to Paris and I had no idea how to navigate the process.  So I found Paris Property Group.  I thought I would pay a premium and receive the help I needed.  What I did not realize was that what I was getting was a tremendous bargain.  To say I am tremendously happy with the service I received is an understatement! 
My contact began with Kathryn, who did an excellent job of setting my expectations.  She matched me with a wonder agent, Jennifer.  Jennifer did a wonderful job of finding properties for me to consider.  She even found a property that had all my wish list items.  No small feat, considering what I wanted (an Eiffel Tower view) and the budget I wanted to spend.  Here’s the strange thing, it turns out I did not want what was on my wish list!  Be prepared to change your mind when you get here.  Jennifer showed me such a variety of apartments I found my true dream apartment.  The contacts Kathryn has for notaire, banking and decorating are as exceptional as she is.  At each turn in the process, you are in great hands.  Kathryn and Jennifer also help you transition into a life in Paris with connections that continue even after you find your apartment.  I can truly say they have both become good friends.  If a Paris apartment is on your bucket list, find it with the help of Paris Property Group. 
—  Susan O’Malley, USA

«Our experience with Paris Property Group exceeded our expectations!  Jerome’s advice about the market and our apartment’s potential was honest and spot on.  The marketing piece you created to promote our property did a nice job highlighting what made it special.  And your recommendations for a notaire and money transfer organization made the entire transaction go smoothly.  I would strongly recommend your firm to anyone looking to buy or sell in Paris!»

– Greg M. and Karen T.



«I can confirm that my very recent experience working with Kathryn and her company Paris Property group has been exemplary. The service I have received has not only been highly professional, but Kathryn and Emma’s knowledge of the domestic & international sales market is very impressive, so much so that my apartment received an asking price offer within weeks of listing.»

– Jas S.  UK



Notre expérience avec Paris Property Group fut très positive. Depuis la Californie nous avons réussi en plusieurs mois et trois visites à trouver notre pied à terre de rêve à Paris. Miranda nous a tout d’abord instruits sur la réalité de l’immobilier dans cette belle ville et Jérôme nous a promenés inlassablement à travers Paris à pied, en métro et même à vélo ! Etant originaires d’Europe nous pensions savoir ce que nous recherchions en terme de quartier et logement mais l’expérience du Paris Property Group nous fut du plus grand essor. Grâce à leur connaissance de la région parisienne ainsi que de leurs contacts, nous avons pu trouver exactement ce dont nous rêvions et le résultat après rénovation est encore plus beau que tout ce que nous aurions pu espérer. Le suivi ardu et professionnel pour la recherche, vente et renovation et encore maintenant avec l’installation des différents fournisseurs publiques, grâce à Kathryn et Philippe, nous a rassurés tout au long de notre démarche à distance de recherche d’appartement.  

– Sophie et Igor, Switzerland and California



«I really liked working with Kathryn and Jennifer. I like how Jennifer took our specific requests in apartments and also challenged some of our likes for comparison. All of the apartments she sent in the initial file were great potentials. I am not sure if Jennifer is American, but I feel that your real estate group definitely gets the American mindset when it comes to mindset and responsive time.  All aspects of the buying process were clearly explained as well as the additional fees and the process of the typical timeline. I loved the videos and pictures sent by Jennifer so we could get an accurate sense of the apartments we were looking at.

We did not feel pushed to hurry up and buy or that we were wasting anyone’s time. We bought our apartment without physically seeing it, but the apartment was actually better in person than I would have imagined. I also felt that their list of pro’s and con’s were very accurate and not leading in any sense. The location of our apartment is fabulous and their help with our difficult and irrational seller really helped in the negotiation process and in determining the timeline for the closing so we could obtain the loan without being stressed, since we offered a loan without contingencies. The seller mistook this, thinking she could get a close within a month, which was unreasonable. We also liked their recommended mortgage broker and their professionalism in helping us secure a French loan. Thanks again, now the only worry we have is how often we can come to Paris. I look forward to continuing a friendship on our holidays in Paris. We also look forward to meeting Jennifer in the near future.» 

–  Kristy B. and Jeff S.



«Paris Property Group is fantastic.  They have intimate knowledge of the market but also found off market properties. They were extremely responsive, had great attention to detail, and just overall very friendly and wonderful to work with.  We couldn’t have done it without them!» 

– Jon Rimmerman and Shira Young, Garagiste Wine, Seattle WA

«I just wanted to email you to say thank you for all your help throughout this process, from the very first conversations until now. 
We especially appreciate all the work Jennifer has done and would like to commend her not only on her hard work and amazing attitude but all the time and effort she put into helping us out in every way, from finding flats to setting up meetings with everyone who could be of any help to us. She really went out of her way to assist us and was always really easy to communicate with and to relate to. We were very lucky to have her working with us!  Many thanks again.»    Dana S. and Alex M.



«I am greatly thankful for Jerome’s support to sell my Parisian apartment.  Paris Property Group perfectly strikes the balance between the comfort of offering an «anglicised» sale experience (with explanations of French customs/processes as much as needed), with taking advantage of the local property market.  I remain incredibly impressed!» 

— Oliver Howard, Australia



“Thank you for helping me get my apartment.   It really would not have happened without your help, and your team’s help.   Everyone had worked so hard to make this process so pleasant.  We can’t thank you for the endless phone calls and your time.”

– Nadia D.


“Paris Property Group helped me find agency and private seller properties I would have never found on my own.”



“The apartment we saw with Paris Property Group had just gone on the market and we were the first to see it – and the ones to get it.”


“Paris Property Group was able to find us our dream apartment (right on the Seine with a view of the Eiffel Tower!) within a remarkable two days.”


“Your knowledge, professional network, organizational skills and management style were perfect for our real estate acquisition in Paris.  Even for two experienced U.S. real estate professionals, we would not have had this wonderful and smooth experience without your team. Thank you.”


“With a Yale lawyer at its head, Paris Property Group understands the French laws and helped us navigate way through the daunting French bureaucracy.”


“Paris Property Group gets the job done and gets it done well. They know where to find properties, know prices and what to pay, and know mortgages and where to get them. I highly recommend their service to anyone looking to find the right Paris home at the right price.”


“What you know about the Paris real estate market was such a comfort to us along the way. But most important of all, your outstanding negotiating skills made our search for a Paris flat a success and a much easier and comfortable experience than we could have imagined.”


 “Paris Property Group’ s knowledge of the Paris market, the legal structure and the purchase process is astounding.”


“Our personal search expert quickly understood our expressed needs and desires. He showed us only properties within our search parameters and budget, enabling us to find the perfect property in less than 3 days of searching.”


“Paris Property Group helped us negotiate the right price for the perfect apartment.”


 “Paris Property Group’s personal network was invaluable to us in all aspects of our real estate purchase. In addition to buyer’s brokerage services, this network includes highly professional contacts for financing, renovation, law, architecture, and property management, all of the required components for our acquisition and beyond.”


 “Our Paris Property Group search expert had the uncanny ability to read and understand people, whether it be the buyer, the seller, or the agent.”



“Paris Property Group’s proactive and innovative processes, from carefully pre-screening properties to providing a local cell phone for our exclusive use during our search, made our acquisition experience extremely efficient.”


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