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The rent caps were recently annulled in the capital. What does it mean for landlords, renters, and the market as a whole?  After a similar decision was taken in Lille, the Tribunal Administratif de Paris decided that imposing limitations on what landlords could charge in rent on their properties in Paris – but not its surrounding […]

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The end of rent caps in Paris is in sight as the administrative tribunal of Paris has decided to annul the measure after it was deemed illegal in its current form.  In a surprise move, the tribunal administatif de Paris has ruled against the continued imposition of rent caps in the capital. In an official statement, the […]

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Effective since 1st August 2015 rent control is not being observed by a large portion of landlords, according to a new study. Implemented in Paris as a trial, there is little chance the regulation will spread to the Île-de-France region. The National Association of Consumers (CLCV) has found that 42% of properties advertised for rent […]

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Real estate professionals have been examining the impact rent control has had on the Paris real estate market since its implementation in early August. A significant drop in the number of properties above rent limits and a diminished interest in Paris by rental investors are among reported factors. As previously reported by Paris Property Group, […]

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In the wake of new rent control laws coming into force in Paris, the imprecision of its measures confound many. What we do know: On August 1st, new rent control regulations came into effect in the French capital within the framework of the Loi ALUR, for access to housing and renovated urban planning. It was […]

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New rules for French rentals to qualify as furnished •Paris Property Group

A new decree specifies a list of items that must be present in a rental property for it to qualify as furnished. A sofa bed, desk and wardrobe are no longer enough to qualify a rental property as furnished. A decree published on 31st July, under the ALUR law (for access to housing and renovated […]

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With new rent control laws in effect in the capital since August 1st, Paris property owners contest the regulation while landlords in the North of France fight hard against similar legislation passing in Lille. While 8 out of 10 people in France approve of the rent caps according to a poll led by opinion and market […]

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Rent caps ➤ Parisian rent control law now public • Paris Property Group

The long awaited details of the soon to be implemented Parisian rent control law have now been made public. The law and its effects, discussed in an article by Paris Property group last month, have been viewed as controversial by investors, landlords and real estate professionals. In the works for some time, the Paris Prefecture […]

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