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This fully renovated, chic and sophisticated 84.27m2 two bedroom, 2-bath property boasts a prestigious address only steps from the entrance to Paris’ famed Luxembourg Palace and Gardens.  Offered at 1.950.000 €, agency fees included.

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Nestled in the attics of Parisian buildings, service rooms, maids rooms, or chambres de bonne as they are referred to in French, are selling like hot cakes, according to the notaires. A new study by the Parisian notaires entitled “Three decades of real estate in Paris” has found that service rooms in the capital are […]

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In MeilleursAgents’ latest barometer of residential property prices, the current health of the French real estate market is chiefly attributed to exceptional loan conditions. MeilleursAgents 79th monthly barometer finds that advantageous mortgage rates, which have decreased again by 0.2% during February, are encouraging buyers to purchase homes. In addition, the market has entered its high […]

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Real estate market France 2016

“To recover or not to recover, that is the question.” The latest report from Meilleurs Agents celebrates the French real estate market’s high performance in 2015 and explores whether this trend will continue through 2016. The Paris notaires hailed 2015 as a very positive year for the real estate market in Paris and Île-de-France. Sales volumes were up by more than 15% […]

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2015 property prices in France fell - with exceptions • Paris Property Group

The year 2015 saw French real estate recover, with sales volumes reaching those of the boom years. While prices dropped steadily across most of the country, they soared in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux, among a few others. Last Spring, the real estate market in France began a steady recovery, which it sustained throughout 2015. The […]

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Paris vs London - real estate

According to French notaires, prices have evolved comparatively in Paris and London over the past 15 years, more than tripling in both cities. Nonetheless, London remains far more expensive. The Paris and Île-de-France notaires recently released a study comparing real estate prices in London and Paris. An analysis of property value across the last 15 […]

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High above the bustle of Saint Germain, this luminous 110m2 apartment on the sixth floor of an 1882 era Haussmannian style building (with elevator) blends the best of old and new affords a commanding view over Saint Sulpice.  Completely renovated in a 1970’s “vintage” style, its comfort and functionality are more than up-to-date. Gleaming Pointe d’Honrie […]

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According to the notaires of Paris and Île-de-France, the real estate market has greatly improved this year, with lower prices and sales volumes up over 15% since last year.  Levels are now higher than those of the 1999 to 2007 boom years.

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The UK branch of the American commercial real estate company CBRE surveys 31 cities in Global Living: a city by city guide, examining characteristics such as the cost of living, the average income of its residents and price of property per square meter. Paris property prices in at 4th place. 

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Reporting on the Paris real estate market’s summer flourish, the Parisian notaries believe continued growth and steady prices are on the agenda for coming months. The notaires of Paris and Île-de-France have published their analysis of the residential real estate market in the region for the third quarter of 2015. According to the report, the […]

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