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Property experts consider that now is a good time to buy prestige real estate in Paris. The prices of prime properties in the sought-after Parisian neighborhoods are not as high as those in London or Geneva – also coveted by prestige property buyers.

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French supreme court rules on short term rentals ➤ Paris Property Group

We reported recently on the government’s flagship piece of legislation on housing and property rentals: the loi ALUR/Duflot. The French Parliament had passed the law but right-wing senators and members of Parliament referred it to the Constitutional Council on the grounds that parts of it might be anti-constitutional.

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This typically Parisian sunny 2 bedroom apartment is located on a charming street in the “European quarter” of the 8th arrondissement, between the trendy Batignolles area and the Gare St. Lazare.  Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood close to public transportation, shops and restaurants, the classic 19th century Haussmannian building is depicted in the famous Caillebotte painting […]

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Paris remains a good bet for commercial real estate investment among the top 27 cities in Europe. A recent survey, Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe 2014, showed that institutional investors consider commercial property in Paris to be an essential component of their portfolio.

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One of the French government’s flagship laws has been censured on the grounds that parts of it may be anti-constitutional. The law would have altered key aspects of rental agreements, including short-term rentals.

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Recent research shows that investment in real estate is driving cities’ economic success rather than just being a consequence of it. Worldwide investment in commercial real estate over the past decade has totaled $4.6 trillion. Half of this has been concentrated in 30 cities.

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This charming 1 bedroom apartment is located on a cobblestoned private pedestrian street off the Place de la Bastille. The quiet street and building are in a historically protected area free of typical Parisian street noise. This tranquil oasis from the bustling area surrounding it sits on the border between the Marais and Bastille areas. […]

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Avenue Montaigne one of world's most expensive streets • Paris Property Group

A recent study reveals that the Avenue Montaigne in the 8th Arrondissement (district) is among the top 10 most expensive streets in the world for luxury real estate. The study ranked streets by their average price per square meter. At the top came Pollock’s Path in Hong Kong at a substantial 120,000€/m2. Avenue Montaigne came […]

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Interactive real estate map to help find your home ➤ Paris Property Group

Properties in Paris are traditionally marketed by price per square meter. Now FNAIM, the trade association for realtors in Paris and the Ile-de-France region, has developed an interactive real estate map. This allows you to identify the arrondissements (districts) that have properties in the price range and of the type you’re looking for.

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The City of Paris owns a substantial slice of the City of Light. Taking its lead from the French government, in 2013 City Hall listed and disclosed the extent of its real estate. It holds five million square meters of property – equivalent to around 17.4% of Paris’s total built real estate.

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