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A group of 11 major retailers of the Boulevard Haussmann are making it their goal to promote the shopping district, which has a higher foot traffic and collective revenue than the Champs d’Elysees, but has up until now lived in its shadow.  November saw 11 members of the ‘Haussmann Paris’ association present their strategic plan […]

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The way Paris looks today owes much to Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, Prefect of the Seine in the mid-19th century. The long, straight boulevards, magnificent open spaces and elegant façades that are everyone’s image of modern Paris arose from the ashes of tortuous medieval alleyways and overcrowded slums. Few houses had running water and disease was […]

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Question: How did Haussmann pay for the renovation of Paris? Answer: I had to go to Wikipedia for this one because I didn’t know. After all things were not in good shape after the revolution! Wikipedia says Napoleon III, and engineers such as Michel Chevalier or entrepreneurs like the Pereire brothers, believed that

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