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Buying property in Paris can help fulfill numerous objectives:  Not only is it an ideal ‘bricks and mortar’ alternative hedge investment like gold, but it can offer rental returns, cultural experiences, and a lifetime of memories and family enjoyment.  Not a bad return on investment!  The key is to buy a truly desirable property at […]

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7 common mistakes while buying

There is no MLS in Paris. For non-US buyers, that’s real estate speak for there is no single database of all the available properties to buy in the Paris market. So if you want to buy an apartment in Paris, the key is understanding how the market does (and doesn’t) work, and being ready to […]

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Property prices are experiencing a net increase in Paris and its region, leading to a renewed dynamism of the market. Parisian notaires remain cautious however, warning that it is too soon to judge whether the recent price increase will persist. The return of buyers is good news for the Parisian housing market, which is experiencing […]

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New French tax laws benefit foreign buyers ➤ Paris Property Group

The French press is abuzz with stories about 1+ million euro properties hitting the Paris real estate market in recent weeks as a result of looming tax-hikes.  What does this mean for the non-resident Paris lover ready to invest in a Paris pied-a-terre?  Could it be a short-term buying opportunity? Paris Property Group takes a look at the silver […]

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