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19 Legal changes for 2022 in France

This new year brings changes in rules for mortgages as well as the way one applies for planning permissions, and many more. Pay attention to these 19 key changes that could affect you this 2022.


Income tax bands rise

France’s tax bands are always adjusted to take into account inflation on households, in 2022 (for income earned in 2021) they will rise 1.4%. However, the tax rates and number of bands will not change. 

The new bands are:

Up to 10,225€ = 0%

From 10,226€ – 26,070€ = 11%

From 26,071€ – 74,545€ = 30%

From 74,546€ – 160,336€ = 41 %

Above 160,336€ = 45%

Apartment owners will see changes concerning the Syndic (building management)

Syndic property management organisations will be required to provide Apartment owners with a standardised information sheet on the prices and services they offer, as of January 1.

Taxe d’habitation bills are decreasing

The taxe d’habitation is being done away with, although, will continue in 2022. Not many households are still paying (only the most well-off) and even they will see a decrease of 65% in their tax bill. By 2023, only  second homes will be taxed and they will need to pay the full rate. 

Mortgages rules tighten

From January 1, property loans will exceed 25 years, with only two years deferral permitted. The maximum debt ratio will be limited to 35%, including borrower’s insurance, as opposed to 33% previously. Banks will be able to extend non-compliance to 20% of their loans, prioritising those buying a main residence and first-time buyers. 

French hospitals to offer cheaper A&E services

From January 1, French hospitals will charge patients who go to the accident and emergency ward (urgences) but are not admitted to the hospital, 19.61€. This is a considerable decrease from the previous changes including all the extra fees.

Planning permission moves online

According to the Ecology Ministry, one will be able to apply for a building permit using a simple and free online application.

WA Brexit residency cards become obligatory

From January 1, most British living in France will be required to have a Withdrawal Agreement residency card and it can be checked for many daily formalities. 


Launch of new public service France Rénov’

France Rénov’ is a brand new government program that gives help and financial aid to those planning a  home renovation. This service will help make homes more energy efficient, and will give personalized advice. 

Increased penalties on new, polluting cars

As of January 1, there will be new penalties for new cars with high pollution rates. The New threshold of CO2 emissions is 128g/km, down from 133g/km. For vehicles that are over 1.8 tons a tax of 10€ per additional kilo will be applied. The maximum added tax will be now 40,000€ in 2022 – compared to 30,000€ in 2021  – and will be €50,000 in 2023.

Re-evaluation of basic French pensions

Basic French pensions will rise 1.1% from January 1. All basic French pensions (including private workers, civil servants and freelancers) are rising 1.1% except those for lawyers who fall under different rules.

France takes on EU presidency

France takes over the presidency of the European Union starting January 1 to June 30, 2022. Macron plans to revamp the economic future of Europe after the pandemic. There will also be changes to the Schengen area. New rules, will be proposed, dealing with undocumented people crossing boarders, even though the EU plans to remain a border-free zone. They will be allowed to be sent back to the neighboring country instead of sent back to their country of origin. It is hoped to lessen the stress on border controls.  

Disability allowance extended

Disability grants (prestation de compensation du handicap (PCH)) which pay to those who have lost independence will be set to 10 years and may be granted without a time limit if the condition is unlikely to improve. 


New Anti – waste laws

From January 1, there will be bans on plastic distribution through fruits and veg under 1.5kg, plastic tea bags and plastic fast food toys. From school water fountains being required to new allowances for pill distribution at the pharmacy, are just some examples of changes being made to reduce waste. 

Rise in Stamp prices

The ‘timbre vert’ (two-day delivery across mainland France) is now €1.08 to €1.16, and a ‘timbre rouge’ (priority post within 24 hours across mainland France) will rise from €1.28 to €1.43.

New two-euro coin

January 1st there will be a new two euro coin in circulation, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Euro. 

Doubling of restaurant vouchers extended

Tickets restaurants will continue to be worth the higher value of 38€, from 19€ until February 28. 

Minimum wage re-evaluated

The French minimum wage, from January 1st, will be €10.57, up from €10.48. A 35-hour work week will now bring home  €1,603.12 per month.

Culture pass extended to 15-17 year-olds

Now, 15-year-olds will have a credit of 20€ and 16-17 year olds will have a 30€ credit. And the “Pass’Sport” will be valid until 28 February 2022. 


Free contraception for all women  under 25

From January 1, contraception will become completely free for all women under 25, and not only for minors, as is currently the case. 

Some contraceptive devices are not included (male and female condoms, vaginal rings, patches, and 3rd and 4th generation pills).


Original article in The Connection French News and Views by By Hannah Thompson

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