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Where Do The Chefs Eat in Paris?

Where Do The Chefs Eat in Paris?

Because life is short and you can’t afford to waste time going to the wrong places, GQ decided to test everything beforehand – bar, restaurant, bakery, kebab … – so you don’t have to. To help us in this process, this time we called on the best witnesses of the time, the chefs!


Alexandre Mazzia: Restaurant David Toutain, in the 7th district

“The David Toutain restaurant. For me the best cook and the most creative cuisine. An incredible and emotional reflection. ”

29 Rue Surcouf, 75007 Paris


Anthony Orjollet: L’Ami Jean, in the 7th

“Complicated question, but I’ll say Jégo (the chef, editor’s note). For the commitment to its peasants, the friendliness, generosity and exemplary nature of quality bourgeois bistronomic cuisine which has tended to be lost lately. In short, a UFO… ”

27 Rue Malar, 75007 Paris


Alessandra Montagne: Quinsou, in the 6th

“I have several favorite addresses: Quinsou, first. I love Antonin’s cuisine (Bonnet, editor’s note) which combines simplicity with a really crazy technique. And, above all, it’s delicious. I also like Passerini, which serves the same tripe as my grandmother… It’s really too good !!! ”

33 Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 75006 Paris


Julien Sebbag: Caché Paris (and Amagat), in the 20th 

“For the best raw fish from chef Sylvain Roucairol, for the incredible welcome and moistened by sommelier Jeremy Lipszyc, for the pairing of world wines in all directions from the second sommelier Félix and, for the crazy liqueur that finishes from chef barman Oscar Blackstone. I really feel like I’m traveling and having a special night EVERY time. “

13 Vla Riberolle, 75020 Paris


Gil Nogueira: Maison, in the 11th

“That’s a bit of a tough question, but I think it’s Maison. Quite simply because Sota offers a very natural and relaxed form of “fine dining”, respecting the seasons and the ingredients. It’s a place we like to go as a family! ”

3 Rue Saint-Hubert, 75011 Paris


Ruba Khoury: Royal China, in the 3rd

“My favorite address at the moment is Royal China in the 3rd. The quality of the food is excellent, the cuisine is very tasty and the products fresh. I love their dumplings and Dim Sum, the Szechuan flavors are my favorite in Chinese cuisine. And the price is very affordable! ”

85 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris


Gianmarco Gorni: Passerini, in the 12th

“My biggest surprise of the year 2021. The best Roman Tripe in the capital (even better than mine!). A “simplex” cuisine: Giovanni Passerini, the chef, manages to sublimate simple products and turn them into crazy dishes. Plus a wine list that’s out of this world and super smart and cool service. “

65 Rue Traversière, 75012 Paris


Sarah Mainguy: Korus, in the 11th

“My favorite restaurant is Korus. A restaurant for friends where you feel comfortable drinking good bottles and especially eating great plates concocted by Maxime. All this in a small street in the 11th arrondissement. We don’t want to leave! “

73 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris


Sho Miyashita: Sonny’s pizza, in the 11th

“I really like going to Sonny’s Pizza, because they’re friends and it’s not far from my home already. Secondly, because it’s filling and inexpensive, the staff is very friendly, as is the atmosphere and the music, in particular. They make New York style pizzas. ”

5 Rue de la Font au Roi, 75011 Paris


Mory Sacko: Kemia, in the 9th

“I love this address because it’s the kind of restaurant where you immediately feel good! Chef Richard Maizel works only on slate, the dishes always change with seasonal products and Mediterranean inspirations. All washed down with well-chosen natural wines. ”

1 Rue Bergère, 75009 Paris


Lucie Boursier-Mougenot: Mian Guan, in the 20th

“My favorite place to eat on the fly: Mian Guan. A Chinese soup restaurant in Belleville. They make their homemade noodles and the chili ground pork soup is excellent. Careful, the chilli is next level heat! There is also Snack Attack, the owner is called Orly, she is of Tunisian origin and grew up in California, her cuisine is a mixture of both cultures. Everything is always fair and delicious. I go there once a week, it’s next to our restaurant. ”

34 Rue de Belleville, 75020 Paris


Thomas Coupeau: Café du coin, in the 11th arrondissement

“I love to eat at the Café du coin, it is a cuisine of the heart for me, spontaneous, always super fresh. What’s more, it’s super affordable (20 euros starter-main course-dessert) and it pushes to popularize beautiful cuisine. “

9 Rue Camille Desmoulins, 75011 Paris


Alcidia Vulbeau: Mokonuts, in the 11th

“Like many cooks, I eat at Mokonuts. They have a keen eye for detail and seasonings, it’s exhilarating – just my favorite restaurant. “

5 Rue Saint-Bernard, 75011 Paris


Simone Zanoni: Mori Venice Bar, in the 2nd

“I love Italian restaurants. My favorite is the Mori Venice Bar. It’s quite chic but at the same time it’s cool and relaxed, there are nice armchairs and sofas. We are well seated, it’s super friendly, as I like. I love the owner, Massimo Mori, a great host, always present. It’s beautiful cuisine from northern Italy, Venetian, with great produce, a great story, and they have an ice cream cart that is to die for. ”

27 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris


Amandine Chaignot: Les Enfants du Marché, in the 3rd

“Les Enfants du Marché, an address that I love, run by the duo Michael Grosman and Masahide Ikuta, right in the middle of the Marché des Enfants Rouges in the 3rd arrondissement. We eat inside-outside on high chairs, facing the kitchen and overlooking the neighboring stalls. Super natural wines, ultra well sourced and very well done cuisine … My spot of choice for my Sunday midday off. ”

Marché des Enfants-Rouges, 39 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris


Yohann Caron: Le Brach, in the 16th

“My favorite address is Le Brach, because the offering is vast. I love the chef (Adam Bentalha, editor’s note) and we always have a good time. “

1-7 Rue Jean Richepin, 75016 Paris


Alexandre Marchon: Le Cadoret, in the 19th

“It’s downstairs from my house. I also have my breakfast there from time to time. Léa, in the kitchen, and Louison, in the dining room, have become friends that will last. The cuisine is all in delicacy and frank seasoning, unpretentious but high quality, with a sourcing of crazy products. The wines are selected by Louison and are always top notch. ”

1 Rue Pradier, 75019 Paris


Matthias Marc: Yam’Tcha, in the 1st

“Because the cuisine is very distinctive and very spicy. The chef has deeply developed her cuisine. The service is super professional and at the same time personalized. You feel like you are with friends. And to finish, the wine list and the pairings are brilliant, thanks to an outstanding sommelier! ”

121 Rue St Honoré, 75001 Paris


Sugio Yamaguchi: Sapid, in the 10th

“I would say Sapid. I was waiting for an address where you can eat real vegetables cooked by real cooks. Sourcing, research, the way it was served, without forgetting the taste, the joy and the gluttony… This is a restaurant of the future. ”

54 Rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris


Beatriz Gonzalez: Le Louis Vins, in the 5th arrondissement

“My favorite restaurant is Louis Vins, run by chef Mélanie Serre, because it offers tasty and generous French cuisine. This is the address that represents conviviality par excellence and where the term know-how takes on its full meaning: cuisine, service, wine. For me a must see especially at this season of the year because I think she will soon be redoing her pithiviers which is absolutely fabulous! “

9 Rue de la Montagne Ste Geneviève, 75005 Paris


Julien Duboué: L’Ami Jean, in the 7th

“My favorite address remains L’Ami Jean. I have been eating there for 15 years and I am still very often surprised by Stéphane’s imagination (Jégo, editor’s note)! You can eat both winter game bistro cuisine and modern cuisine all year round! ”

27 Rue Malar, 75007 Paris


Chloé Charles: Capitaine, in the 4th

“I would say Capitaine. It’s on a quiet dead end street, it’s okay, they’re nice, everything you expect from a restaurant. “

4 Imp. Guéménée, 75004 Paris




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