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80 things to do when the weather’s nice in Paris (despite the curfew)

The sun is back, and with it the aperitifs and bottles of wine on the banks of the Seine, the little dresses and t-shirts, the warmth, the blue sky, the happiness, the sound of children laughing in the parks, strangers smiling alone in the street like idiots, Lunches under the trees, endless walks, flirting… In short, the small pleasures of everyday life, all those things that make life a little nicer when the temperature rises and you find yourself in a good mood as soon as you wake up. Have a nice sunny day my darlings!


  1. Sit on the grass with a glass of wine by yourself


  1. Finally being able to go out in a T-shirt without being constantly judged because you did the same thing in winter and everyone wondered if you were cold and you said no.


  1. Not going to work


  1. Watch the sunset


  1. Buy a bottle of disgusting white wine for 5€ in Saint-Michel and toss it back at 4pm on the banks of the Seine as if you were still at university.


  1. Have brunch at Berry’s and let the sun’s rays hit your face.


  1. Take your dog to the Marcel Bleustein Blanchet square which is always deserted behind the Sacré-Cœur.


  1. Grab some chilled golden milk at Love Me Cru and drink it in Belleville Park.


  1. Borrow an electric scooter and cross Paname with your hair in the wind.


  1. Become buddies with someone who has access to the rooftops of Paris and hang out with a beer and new friends up there.


  1. Walk over to Ménilmontant on foot just for the fun of it


  1. Post lots of Instagram stories because other people may not know it’s nice outside so you have to show them (also works with snow).


  1. Picnic at the Buttes-Chaumont with a ratio of 4 slices of dry ham for 4 bottles of rosé.


  1. Put away your tights until next season


  1. Re-discover the joy of not wearing socks


  1. Grow out your bangs


  1. Make love in the garden


  1. Gardening


  1. Landing on the banks of the Seine and dropping your shoe into the water


  1. Going to the hairdresser’s because nothing is more fun than feeling hot when it’s hot outside.


  1. Roll in the grass from the top of the Buttes-Chaumont lawn to the Avenue Simon Bolivar and end up with a green T-shirt.


  1. Drink tea on a bench with a good book bought from your favourite bookshop.


  1. Picnic in the Lutetian Arena


  1. Play mölkky along the Quai de Valmy


  1. Enjoy an ice cream from Grom


  1. Get depressed because the weather is nice and hot and the planet is exploding and we are all going to die (this state is very serious, it has a name, it’s called solastalgia).


  1. Learn the names of new diseases (there is more to life than just covid)


  1. Lie under the Japanese cherry trees in Montsouris Park


  1. Take line 13


  1. Eat a pancake with sugar, because why not


  1. Have a snowball fight (well what?)


  1. Make love


  1. Read Le Procès du Cochon, a marvelous work by Oscar Coop-Phane, under the shelter of a weeping willow tree.


  1. Enjoy the Seine without bateau-mouches.


  1. Go to Fontainebleau and climb


  1. Draw penises with your GPS while walking all day in Paris


  1. Lie in the garden of the Rodin Museum


  1. Rent a bike


  1. Take a dip in the Saint-Germain en Laye swimming pool


  1. Visit the oldest tree in Paris, on the Ile de la Cité since the 17th century, in the René-Viviani-Montebello square.


  1. Take a nap in the middle of the pool


  1. Rent a car and enjoy the pure air of the Ile-de-France forests


  1. Gather onto the lawn in front of the Geode


  1. Picnic


  1. Find the most exotic corner of Paname to make stories with the caption “take me back” even though you haven’t gone beyond the ‘periphery’.


  1. Admire the view from the Buttes-Chaumont princess tower


  1. Walk around and make a herbarium


  1. Swim in the fountains of the Place des Vosges at 8am, when the park opens and it is still deserted and you are still a little drunk. Find yourself having a water fight while the passers-by are watching you, haggardly.


  1. Treat yourself to a pastry at Carette’s


  1. Pull out your flowery dress.


  1. Take a trip to Versailles and get lost in the French gardens of the château.


  1. Stroll along the quays of the Seine without worrying about cars


  1. Head to La Recyclerie


  1. Treat yourself to a stroll in the Jardin des Plantes


  1. Do touristy things that you never do, and take advantage of the opportunity to visit the capital’s lesser-known boroughs.


  1. Walk between the arcades of the Royal Palace garden and Buren’s columns


  1. Go to an all-day rave


  1. Take a nap with the windows open at home naked after making love


  1. Get lost in the Saint-Ouen flea markets


  1. Cycle along the Ourcq Canal


  1. Eat ice cream in the Luxembourg Gardens


  1. Boating in the Parc de Vincennes or the Bois de Boulogne


  1. Go to the park at the very end of the Saint-Louis Island


  1. Walk along the small streets of Montmartre


  1. Walk in the shade of the trees on Fanac Island and come across a children’s choir and dogs playing in the grass.


  1. Socialise with your dog during a mega-long walk.


  1. Eat falafel in the hidden garden of the Rue des Rosiers


  1. Stroll in the stylish Georges Valbon park at La Courneuve.


  1. Eat plenty of chocolate in all the local chocolate shops.


  1. Admire the Stravinsky fountain and Niki de Saint Phalle’s works after an exhibition in Beaubourg


  1. Have an aperitif with a date in the Place de la Contrescarpe, the prettiest little square in Paris, with an accordionist playing romantic tunes.


  1. Climb to the top of the Butte Bergeyre, a small village perched at the top of Paris, and sit on a bench admiring the view of the Sacré-Coeur.


  1. Start partying again


  1. Complain about the sunshine


  1. Buy a sandwich from your favourite bakery and sit in the square next door during the lunch break in the sun with all your colleagues.


  1. Be happier with vitamin D


  1. Eat salads and stop eating soups


  1. Eat ice cream very quickly before it melts completely on your hands.


  1. Drink a coffee shake or granita in the sun and feel the ice cubes running down your throat.


  1. Get sunburnt, go home and spread some Biafine on yourself.


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