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Some fun facts about the Rue de Rivoli in Paris

At the heart of the capital lies Rue de Rivoli, a commercial street known by all. But did you know that this street is also steeped in history? Here are some fun facts about this beautiful Parisian artery.


It got its name from a battle won by Napoleon Bonaparte over the Austrians at Rivoli Veronese in Italy in 1797. To thank Marshal Masséna, to whom he owed this victory, the emperor bestowed upon him the title of “Duke of Rivoli”.

The opening of the Rue de Rivoli in the middle of the 19th century led to the disappearance of 70 lanes, squares, passages, dead ends, gardens… many of which had funny names! For example, the cul-de-sac du Dauphin, Rue des Mauvaises Paroles or even Rue Trognon. Currently it extends over 3 kilometers and crosses no less than 54 streets.

Several famous writers have lived on Rue de Rivoli: Eugène Ionesco at n ° 14, Joseph Kessel at 18, Chateaubriand at 194, Tolstoï at 206 and even Tourgueniev at 210… Today it welcomes artists at one of the rare squats of Paris : the 59Rivoli.


Rue de Rivoli certainly is an attractive street full of shops, elegant cafes and famous arcades! A fun tidbit to end with, at n ° 160 stands a magnificent statue honouring Admiral de Coligny (1519-1572). However, if you have Google at hand, you will immediately realise that the inscribed date of birth is not correct! It’s a small error that gets lost amongst all the beautiful sights of Rue de Rivoli.

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