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Beach Destinations Near Paris

People say that there’s nowhere in the world quite like Paris, and with good reason. Thanks to its famous arrondissements, the mix of modern and Old World charm, and famous sites like the Eiffel Tower, the City of Love saw a whopping 40 million visitors in 2017 alone. But walking the city isn’t the only thing to do if you’re in the area, and more and more tourists are venturing out of the city and exploring the surrounding areas. Last time on the blog, we discussed ‘7 Day Trips Near Paris’ that held little-known gems that tourists and locals alike can explore. This time, we’re going to take a look at beach destinations that are sure to inspire aw in any visitor. After all, there’s more to the area than the Louvre and the Champs-Élysées.


To avoid spending the rest of your trip sunburnt and unhappy, don’t forget to bring essentials like sunglasses and sunscreen. However, these “essentials” don’t just stop with fashion trends and skincare products, as you also have to put a premium on your hair. In the article ‘How Saltwater Can Damage Your Hair’ Daydreaming in Paradise explains the perils of a beach trip to your roots and scalp, claiming how this can lead to breakage, split ends, and worse even hair loss. Readers may want to think twice about the so-called “beach hair” fad, and should rinse out their hair after a trip to the beach. Having a checklist of essentials will help you enjoy your short vacation, leaving your more time and space to enjoy the beach and all the sights.


Deauville Beach

(Photo Credit: Flickr)


The closest beach to Paris is the Deauville Beach in Normandy, a charming seaside town with a chic boardwalk where couples will love to take romantic strolls. Deauville beach has perfect turquoise waters and golden sands, and has a gorgeous view of the sunset over the sea. Only two and a half hours away from Paris by car, this is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for a short day trip.


Etretat Beach

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)


For a one-of-a-kind view and the natural beauty of the French coastline, head to Etretat Beach in Normandy. A little under three hours away from the capital, Etretat Beach’s fine sand and turquoise waters are ringed in by incredible cliff sides and rolling hills. It also has a lovely boardwalk where you can enjoy fresh seafood and a view of the waters.


Prado Beach

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)


Water Sport enthusiasts will love to go to Prado Beach in Marseille, where water activities and fun under the sun abound. An ideal spot for vacationing with family and friends, the area also includes the Parc Balneaire, an open-air park where visitors can picnic and enjoy the view. A bit of a trip from Paris at 7 and a half hours, the incredible views and gorgeous water make up for the travel time.


Plage de la Côte des Basques

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)


Beachgoers who prefer a wilder, more exciting view will do well to head to Plage de la Côte des Basques in Biarritz. 7 and a half hours away from Paris, this sea beach is home to high tides and incredible boulders that make for a scenic view for nature lovers. It’s also a great place to learn to surf, as the waves provide enough of a swell without requiring too much skill.


Les Calanques de Cassis

(Photo Credit: Flickr)


If you’re looking for crystal clear waters ringed by incredible, awe-inspiring fjords, then Les Calanques de Cassis just outside Marseilles is exactly where you want to be. With jewel-like waters and beautiful bays, this destination is one of the most beautiful beaches near Paris. The trip to Les CAlanques de Cassis takes a whopping 8 hours by car, but with Instagrammable sights and incredible views, you’ll see that it’s completely worth it.

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