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The most beautiful, historically-classified bakeries in Paris

For those lovers of bread and of history alike, Vivreparis has compiled a list of some of the most beautiful historically classified bakeries in Paris, most still in operation today.  If you’re looking for holiday treats, perhaps you might want to try some of these out.  Or share some of your favorites with us!


In France, going to the bakery to get your daily baguette is a way of life.  Sometimes, we’re happy enough to just walk by, taking in their delicious smells and admiring the gorgeous pastries on display.  And other times, we even stop to admire their beautiful facades. Some 30 bakeries within the four corners of Paris are classified historic monuments, protected because of their exteriors, their painted glass display windows, or their interior décor.  Read ahead for a selection of some of our favorites.


Le Moulin de la Vierge (7th and 14th)

There are several Le Moulin de la Vierge bakeries in the capital, including two classified as historic monuments in the 7th and the14th. While the 7th location is still open, the main “headquarters” in the 14th, opened in 1906, closed in 2016. The storefront, however, has not lost any of its beauty.  As for the 7th location, visitors can take in its rural landscapes, gold writing, dark panels, and moldings. It is easy to understand why the bakery is classified as a historical monument.


La pâtisserie Stohrer (2nd)

Next stop, rue Montorgueil, in the 2nd arrondissement. At number 51 stands the oldest pastry shop in Paris, Stohrer, established in 1730.  Although the exterior is charming, take time to visit the interior, which is equally as delightful. Inside, you will find superb paintings dating from 1868, attributed to French painter Paul Baudry.


La boulangerie du 28 boulevard Beaumarchais (11th)

This 11th arrondissement institution boasts no gold and black hues, colors that are very present on most historically-classified bakeries. Instead the shop is nevertheless one of the most beautiful in the capital with its very colourful, flowery, earthenware front in blues and reds.  Listed since 1984, the well-reputed Maison Landemaine now operates from within. Beautiful and delicious, what more could you ask for?


Chez Julien (4th)

This famous Parisian restaurant was, a long time ago, a bakery. At first glance, it’s not easy to tell, but upon closer inspection there is no doubt: visitors can discern panels and medallions dating from 1900 of a mill and sheaves of wheat, as well as an inscription reading “pains français viennois”.


La Boulangerie Bo de la rue de Charenton (12th)

Although this bakery has changed owners quite a few times, the front has remained intact over the years: its pretty blue and gold panels, retracing the many stages of a harvest, as well as its Belle Époque atmosphere are all still very present.

Au Petit Versailles du Marais (4th arrondissement)


Among the many hidden gems on rue François Miron, we find Au Petit Versailles du Marais. Not only does the place take visitors back in time with its gold moldings, period panels, and antique woodwork, but this bakery and tea room also offers an extraordinary taste experience thanks to delicious products made by Christian Vabret, one of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, a competition of artisans by trade. What a perfect combo!


Du Pain et des Idées (10th)

Although this bakery is only listed in the “inventaire supplémentaire” of historical monuments, which recognizes buildings of regional interest, it is just as beautiful as its fellow classified friends.  With its pretty facade, and its interior abounding in golden hues and large, late 19th-century spotted mirrors, du Pain et des Idées is quite simply magnificent. Although this bakery is very famous and therefore often quite crowded, that shouldn’t stop you from trying to get inside!


Source: Paris : les plus belles boulangeries classées monuments historiques

Cover Image: Wikimedia Commons / Mu [CC BY-SA 3.0]

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