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Paris’ best spas and saunas

With the last of winter fading away in Paris, there’s no better time than now to treat yourself to a comforting spa day.  Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself in the warmth of a sauna during the drab days of winter, or detox after the holidays as you continue your wellness journey in 2019, Paris boasts more than its fair share of spas, saunas, and hammams sure to accommodate your needs.  Thankfully, has narrowed down the choices for you, rounding up a list of some Paris’ best establishments.  Read on to discover your new favorite.


Les Cent Ciels

Sister spa to the super chic Les Cent Ciels in Boulogne, this small slice of Oriental paradise proves to be the much-needed luxurious break for anyone suffering from those wintertime blues.  This traditional, 200 m2, candle-lit hammam offers a sauna, a pool, and a tea room, as well as their well-known speedy massages (€50 for 25 minutes) for those on the go.  Les Cent Ciels is the perfect place to boost morale during Paris’ grayest days and treat yourself to what feels like a quick trip east.

What we love most: Les Cent Ciels is open late, until 11:00 during the workweek!  Perfect for those in search of a bit of relaxation after a late work day.

Les Cent Ciels, 7 rue de Nemours, 75011 Paris.  Open every day, prices starting at €40 for access to the hammam, sauna, and pool.


Le Centre Naturellement

Completely dedicated to healthy lifestyle choices, Le Centre Naturellement does their best to undo the damages of daily urban life using natural health practices.  Take for example their sauna detox ritual, which follows the Scandinavian technique to the letter.  In this method, participants alternate three 15-minute sessions in a 90°C sauna, systematically followed by a cold shower and 15 minutes of rest in a dedicated room.  Visitors leave feeling fresh and new from the inside out. 

What we love most: Other relaxation packages offered include reflexology, such as Tui Na, or essential oil wraps. 

Le centre naturellement, 83 bis rue la Fayette, 75009 Paris.  Open every day, entry to the sauna starting at €25


Les Bains du Marais

Completely redone and renovated, this well-known spa in the Marais has had quite the makeover.  The 70 m2 traditional hammam boasts both a hot room and a warm room within in at atmosphere reminiscent of Arabian Nights, the decor full of small niches and sand and terra-cotta colored arches.  The space is more refined than ever, as proven by the many stars who frequent the spa incognito, feeling fresh as a daisy upon exit.

What we love most: the delicious Mediterranean restaurant just next door, as well as the hair salon.  Guests leave feeling renewed from head to toe.

Les bains du marais, 33 rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 Paris.  Open Sunday to Thursday from 10 AM to 10 PM, and Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 9 PM.  Entry to the hammam with a body scrub included starting at €70.



This Paris’ most secret spa, and for good reason: when entering the building, only the elevator to the left leads to Ladda.  Once you reach the seventh floor, one last door and some final steps are all that separates you from ultimate relaxation.  Interior walls are covered with natural white mineral lime.  A hallway alcove leads to six private massage rooms, the hammam, a concrete lounge filled with luxurious plants, and a terrace overlooking all of Paris where visitors can extend their relaxation on sunny days.  The image of absolute luxury.

What we love most: Tailor-made massages are available for booking at €110. Let the professional masseuses healing hands treat your specific sore spots and realign your energies.

Ladda, 32 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris.  Open every day from 11 AM to 8 PM. Entry to the hammam starting at €30.


Le Tigre Marais

Besides their highly specialized yoga and Pilates classes, Paris’ chicest wellness club, opened by Elodie Garamond, has a hidden infrared sauna within its walls.  A top wellness secret in the Japanese and Scandinavian beauty realm, this 80°C infrared sauna will allow users to rid themselves of toxins more quickly.

What we love most: Free use of the sauna after any yoga or Pilates class reserved in advance (€32/class or €28/class for ten classes).

Tigre Marais, 11 rue du Perche, 75003 Paris.  Open every day.



This small, luxurious, treasure of a spa in the Montorgueil neigborhood of Paris is on every trendy Parisian’s list.  “A hammam, but better,” is the philosophy of O’Kari’s creator, Karima Lasfar.  To better describe her soothing oasis, Lasfar goes on to say that, “upon leaving, guests are wholly relaxed, and experience a healthy feeling of fatigue.”

What we love most: La pause d’O’Kari, an hour-long treatment for €59, which includes a eucalyptus steam bath, whole-body exfoliation and wash using natural soaps, hair treatment, and a homemade lime-made.

O’Kari, 22 rue Dussoubs, 75002 Paris.  Open Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 8 PM, closed Sundays.


Hammam Pacha

Hammam Pacha has been a hit with Parisiennes of the Rive Gauche for more than thirty years now.  Reserved entirely for women, and without accepting rendez-vous, this ultra-chic bath house in the 6th has proven to be the perfect place to get back in the swing of things after the excess of the holidays. The decor seems have come right out of an oriental daydream, with a traditional hammam, orange flower washes, and argile wraps.

What we love most: Finishing off the traditional hammam with a honey wax, the best for soft skin, and a trip to the adjacent restaurant where the organic tajine is to die for. 

Hammam Pacha, 17 rue Mayet, 75006 Paris.  Open every day, entry to the hammam starting at €35


Villa Thalgo

In this veritable temple of marine-based beauty, the Thalgo company’s spa is one of the most unique and exotic spaces in the 16th.  Besides the luxurious massages and signature care packages, this splendid villa houses a marine hammam that we can access without paying and arm and a leg.  Here, the millenary benefits of both a traditional hammam and the sea itself are combined for a thalassotherapy experience unlike any other, featuring warm steams of mineral salts and invigorating negative ions, and sea sprays, all in completely iodized surroundings.  At the heart of the spa, a pool of fresh water is available to relax the body.

What we love most:  The prices!  One hour access to the hammam at the ultra-luxurious Villa Thalgo starts at €30.

Villa Thalgo, 8 avenue Raymond Poincaré, 75016 Paris.  Open every day, one hour access to the hammam starting at €30.



Source: Où se faire un bon hammam ou un sauna chic à Paris ?

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