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Central Paris to get a new name

The four most central arrondissements in the heart of Paris will merge in the wake of the municipal elections of 2020.  But how will this new territory be named? The City of Paris launched a campaign asking Parisians to submit their ideas.


The four arrondissements of central Paris will indeed merge the day after the second round of the municipal elections of 2020, as decided by legislation in the Law on the Status of Paris of February 28, 2017.  This will bring an end to the four small town halls in each arrondissement forming the historic micro-center of the capital.  One sole town hall, and thus one mayor for the whole sector, will replace it.  This law also provides for the merger of the city of Paris itself with the departments surrounding it into one and the same community, as well as the strengthening of the mayor’s powers.


Naming this new territory

During a town hall meeting held in January and February of 2018, a panel of citizens already suggested three names for the new sector: “Paris Centre”, “Secteur Lutèce”, and “Cœur de Paris”.  However, anyone could submit their ideas on the City of Paris’ website until July 15th.  The Mayor of Paris and the Mayors of the four arrondissements will together compile a short list of names to be voted on next fall by the inhabitants of the concerned districts.  Said inhabitants will also vote on the seat of the future town hall. Le Conseil de Paris, however, will have the last word, presenting their final choice in early 2019.


From “Hidalgo Place” to “Notre-Dame”

To date, 140 proposals have been submitted, from “Paris au cœur” to “Vieux Paris”, to “Hidalgo Place” or even “MaisonDeRetraiteLand”.

For those most attached to their small arrondissements, however, let it be known that postal codes 75001, 75002, 75003 and 75004 will continue to exist. Local town hall infrastructure will remain as well, being turned most likely into government services offices.

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