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Art Deco building in Paris suburb becomes luxury residence

A famous art deco building in Issy-les-Moulineaux, that was saved from demolition earlier this year, has been transformed into a block of luxury flats with character. 

The south-western Paris suburb, which straddles the Seine and the 15th arrondissement, is home to an art deco building which will now be known as Le Macassar, after an 18-month renovation process delivered 12 luxury apartments.

The dozen 35 m2 apartments were completed this summer and will feature gardens and terraces with a price per m2 of €10,840. That is roughly equal to the average in the 4th arrondissement(at the time of writing), one of the most sought-after districts in the city.

© Esprimm / Vincent Eschalier

Property developers Esprimm and architectural studio Vincent Eschalier are the minds behind the project, which has not changed the exterior makeup of the building in any significant way, to the delight of locals. Emmanuel Basse, co-founder of Esprimm, explains.

“The building became dilapidated and unusable. Despite its architectural quality, it was listed for demolition to build a new structure in its place. We intervened after local calls to maintain what has become a local heritage site of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Our project has given a new lease of life to the building while respecting its architecture, to the pleasure of both locals and the suburb’s policymakers.”

14 rue Telles de la Poterie, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, Le Macassar, Esprimm, séjour

© Esprimm / Vincent Eschalier

His development firm is a signatory to the ‘one building, one artwork’ charter, which obliges developers to station a significant piece of work in each new development. For Le Macassar, a large wooden sculpture by Christian Reconciat adorns the entrance hall.

See a full slideshow of the complex on Esprimm’s website.

title image © Esprimme / Vincent Eschalier


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