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Grand Paris project likely to affect real estate prices

Taking place quietly under our feet, the Grand Paris project is one of the top infrastructure projects in the world and is expected to significantly increase property values surrounding Paris.

The ambitious regional planning project that is the Grand Paris seeks to transform the Paris area into a major global urban center, improving the living conditions of residents while addressing territorial inequalities. The main component of the project is the extension of existing Metro lines and the addition of new lines to make up the Grand Paris Express (GPE). Relying on the creation of this new transportation network, the regional project will develop new economic centers around Paris, linking them to the city, the TGV stations and airports, as well as constructing over 1.5 million homes around the new stations.


Property in these peripheries, specifically surrounding the 68 new stations connected to the transportation system, are expected to rise very quickly leading up to the projected end date for the project in 2025. MeilleursAgents estimates that the five cities that will most benefit from this project due to improvements in transportation, infrastructure and living conditions are Villejuif, Saint-Denis, Aubervilliers, Bagneux and Noisy-le-Grand. These affordable yet promising locations are an undeniably attractive investment.


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