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Foreign buyers increasingly purchase property in Paris

Recent figures compiled by notaires (officials who handle property transactions) show that foreigners are buying property in and around Paris in greater numbers than at any time over the past 15 years.

In the Ile de France region overall, which includes Paris, 9.2% of buyers in the first half of 2014 came from overseas.

Within the city of Paris itself, up to the end of June 2014 8.3% of buyers were from overseas, an increase of 7.8% over the same period in 2013. In 2010, 6.3% of total sales were to non-French purchasers.

Italian buyers accounted for 17% of overseas purchasers of Paris properties in 2014, followed by the Chinese (6.5%).

Paris property prices remain more competitive than those in other international centers, such as London. In addition, French buyers are looking outside France for second homes, particularly in Spain.

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