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Real estate development 2013

Paris real estate development projects 2013

Paris is known for its Haussmannian style apartment buildings, classic crown moldings and generally small living quarters.  In the next year, this perception may change, as Paris sees the completion of over 30 brand new real estate developments. From total building refurbishments, to demolition and modern apartment construction, we have compiled the crème de la crème when it comes to new real estate developments in Paris.

Bringing luxury and modern amenities to Parisian apartment living, these developments offer the opportunity to mix the best of the new with the charm of the old.   Below is a quick tour of what’s NEW in Paris.    Contact us to learn more about these new property developments. 

Montorgueil area (2ème)

These renovated apartments located in the 2nd arrondissement feature both modernized common areas and a new exterior façade, as well as fully refurbished apartments from studios to three-bedrooms. Prices range from €275,720 to €1,100,000.

Former mansion in the Marais  (3ème)

A rare renovation of a 1640 hotel particulier in the Marais, this project is bringing glory back to what was once one of Paris’ most cherished properties.  From studios to two bedroom duplex apartments, the project offers residents charming views of the landscaped courtyard or charming neighborhood.

Seine views (4ème)

These brand new apartments on a right bank quai bring modern amenities to Paris’ historic Marais neighborhood.  From studios to 5-pièces apartments, these new-construction apartments offer a spot on the river in the eastern part of the 4th.  Mostly lower floor and garden view apartments remaining.  Completion in 2014.  Prices start in the mid-400,000’s.

Art Deco (4ème)

A select building of renovated apartments, this project boasts large balcony terraces in a rare 1920s style building in the Marais, just steps from Île Saint Louis and Bastille. Prices range from €385,000 for a studio apartment, to €1.8 million for a 5-pièces apartment.

Saint Germain (6ème)

This property, in the heart of Saint Germain, is a prime real estate location with an abundance of fine restaurants and chic shops all around.  The project is a renovation of an existing apartment building, bringing modern amenities to a classically Parisian space. Prices range from €490,000 for a studio apartment to €1.6 million for a 3-pièces apartment.

Invalides (7ème)

This building, once a 19th century convent, located near Invalides is being renovated according to the highest standards of artistic taste.  With a beautiful interior courtyard garden, the exclusive 22 apartments available inside range from studios to 2 bedroom duplex apartments. Prices range from €450,000 for a studio to €3.2 million for a 4-pièces. 

Renovated Hospital (7ème)

On the site of a former hospital is this stunning new real estate development that features residential and commercial property space.  At the center of the development is the gorgeous park and renovation of the old chapel.

rue Cler market  (7ème)

Located in the heart of the 7th arrondissement, not far from Invalides, this new development offers 46 apartments from studios to 6-pièces.  The extremely sought after location of this project has made it a favorite of buyers, and only a couple of apartments remain available. Prices of the remaining apartments range from €1.8 million to €2 million.

Right Bank (8ème)

Located near metro Miromesnil are two stunning property developments. The first is the complete renovation of an apartment building of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments. Located just behind this apartment building are three gorgeous, newly constructed private homes of about 170m2 each, boasting gardens and terraces.

Bastille (11ème)

Located just 50 meters from Place de la Bastille, and not far from Place des Vosges, this new real estate development has maintained the charm of old Paris, blended with the modern amenities found in new apartments, as well as a beautiful private courtyard green space. Prices range from €620,000 to €1.7 million.

  Artists’ studios (11ème)

Offering 18 apartments and 29 artists studios in the 11tharrondissement, this unique real estate development is easily accessible through several of Paris’ metro lines. Not far from Bastille, the apartments are flooded with natural light and generous ceiling heights.  Prices range from €373,000 to €1.1 million.

Private gardens (11ème)

Located on rue de Charonne, near Bastille, this apartment development features private gardens, renovated apartments with high ceilings, and atypical floor plans. Prices range from €530,000 to €1.7 million.

Eiffel Tower views (15ème)

Located in the bustling 15tharrondissement around Grenelle, this development is nearly sold out. Facing west, with some apartments looking towards the Eiffel Tower, this property is located in an area on the Seine undergoing redevelopment.   A revitalized neighborhood, coupled with Seine views, make this property an attractive investment.

Rooftop views (15ème)

Incredible rooftop patios are the highlight of this new real estate development in the Southern 15th arrondissement, lending views onto all of Paris’ beautiful rooftops. Near the metro Convention, this building contains apartments ranging from studios to 5-piècesduplexes.  Prices range from €364,000 to €2.2 million.

Breteuil (15ème)

With a prime location on the border of the 15th and 7tharrondissements, this brand new apartment development will have everything from 1-4 bedroom apartments, ranging in price from €640,000 to €2.9 million.

Eco Friendly (15ème)

Flooded with sunlight and built along the “BBC” (Low Energy Consumption) standards, this apartment development is a rare find in the 15th. After seeing success in the first months of sales, the last unit available is a superb 124m2 duplex selling for €1.4 million.

Félix Faure (15ème)

This real estate development features apartments with garden and street views, balconies, and for the duplex penthouses on the top floor – remarkable rooftop terraces. Still available are two duplexes of 137m2 with terraces of 91m2.  A gem in Paris’ 15tharrondissement. Prices range from €368,000 to €1.8 million.

 Bois de Boulogne (16ème)

A modern real estate development in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, not far from the beautiful Bois de Boulogne, this building is being constructed with the highest quality security features and appliances. The unique building also features a beautiful garden, and 41 apartments, each with its own private balcony or patio.     Buying real estate in Paris can be a tricky process, but we are happy to help you navigate the market and find your dream apartment. To learn more about the process of buying real estate in Paris, have a look at our website.  Whether you prefer a new building, a renovated ancien apartment, or an unrenovated historical place that you can make your own, please contact us to learn more about finding an apartment in Paris

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